Nike Renew Ride 3 review

Nike Renew Ride 3 Verdict

The Nike Renew Ride 3 would fail to find a spot in any serious runners rotation. It has a heavy, unforgiving ride with little toe off pop. It took a lot of energy go get this shoe moving.


  • Soft upper. Easy to get a comfortable fit.
  • A lot of rubber on the outsole. No signs of wear after 50 miles.
  • Roomy fit. If you need a wide, or are close to a wide, this shoe will work for you fine.


  • Very firm, unforgiving ride.
  • Shoe ran about 1/2 size too big for me.
  • Tongue tended to shift when running.

Who should buy the Nike Renew Ride 3 ?

Anyone interested in one shoe for the gym and some short runs would be interested in this shoe. It has a firm feel, anyone could use it for lifting.

Who should not buy the Nike Renew Ride 3 ?

This shoe would fail to find a spot in any serious runners rotation. It has zero energy return or pop.

Nike Renew Ride 3 Introduction

The Nike Renew Ride 3 is billed by Nike as an everyday trainer. They tout a smooth, soft ride that is so comfortable you’ll want to wear it after your run. I found basically the opposite to be true. It has none of the cushioning that you find in the Pegasus Turbo 2, React or Miler.

Nike Renew Ride 3 First Impressions

I had high hopes for the shoe when I first slipped it on. The upper is soft and roomy for a comfortable, compliant fit. The shoe ran a tad long, I would’ve fit better into a men’s 10 instead of my usual 10.5. The laces are long but heavy and secure. After walking around my house, I could tell this was going to be a heavy feeling shoe.

Nike Renew Ride 3 Upper

The upper is a little long but I didn’t find that to be a problem. The upper is the star of the shoe to me. It is roomy and comfortable. This upper on a better midsole would make for a very enjoyable ride. The laces are a tad long but the trade off there is they are strong. It was easy to get a good lockdown.

Nike Renew Ride 3 Sole Unit

Looking at the shoe, and reading the description on Nike’s website, one would think it would be comfortable based on the amount of stack. According to Nike’s website, this version of the Renew foam is their softest yet. I did not have that experience.

I felt the Quest 4 was softer, and I didn’t think was very soft either. The ride is bottom heavy but that is nothing new for Nike. I find the same to be true of any of the Pegasus models. However, there is no toe off pop meaning your legs must do all the work to get this shoe moving through your stride.

I noticed a slight pressure point on the balls of my feet. I was worried at first that this had the same high arch that gives so many runner issues in the Alphafly Next %.

Nike Renew Ride 3 Conclusions

I found a large disconnect between Nike’s description of this shoes ride and what I noticed. I did not feel any softness or comfort running nor did I feel compelled to wear this after my run. In fact, I tried that at the National Zoo with my kids and wished I’d worn my Hoka Challenger ATR work shoes instead. My legs were beat up after walking the zoo for several hours. The Renew Ride 3 does not deliver on its promise of a soft ride.